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02 Oct 2021

Best Moving Van Pickup Rental Services in Dubai

Moving vans have always been a daunting experience as most employers take off-the-rack, or rentals, design as being the better option. But with an incomparable number of vans and keen-eyed customers who need quick disposal of their belongings, moving vans are in high demand in the ever competitive rental market.

Hailing from countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, and India, so much has changed over the years. While making the decision to move one’s stuff, many of us would be on our toes wondering where to get a van (if we don’t already have one). A suitable moving van that can fit anything you choose does not exist as majority of people will be taking off-the-rack vans.

If you do not have any images of what we’re talking about, you can get in touch with us at for any moving van rental in Dubai, instead. We guarantee you are going to get the workhorse moving trucks in Dubai that you’ve always envied. The Man With A Van Dubai is the best moving van rental service provider that you can turn to, no matter the size or location of your pickup.

Ensure Your Moving Day Is a Success

When moving into a new city, it can be a challenge to ensure a smooth and stress-free move into our new city. One of the biggest strategies of ensuring this is making sure your moving process is done in a professional manner, and since we are moving vans experts, we’re versed on doing exactly this. One crucial way we ensure our van rental services are a success is by using a type of truck that’s over what the market requires. We now have a compact truck to go with our moving vans to ensure you never have to face the hassle of having to deal with rental trucks before renting.

Keeping your van safe and sound, while moving to your new home, is another key service of a truck moving company. We constantly work hard to ensure our trucks are road worthy. We made sure you had a solid state-of-the-art van moving service setup for your moving day. You can expect the best that our specialized team of trucks & moving experts brings to your van with our professional packing and packing tools.

Coming to the last, while moving vans are the best, we’re all going to be in one way or another forget one or two moving kits in our hajj’s. Have no fear, we’re there to help you. From packing and moving equipment to pre-designed packing system, we provide moving solutions that are guaranteed to ensure you stay out of trouble, and in your new home.

Choose a Moving Van From The Best Moving Van Company

There’s nothing quite as stress-free as moving in your new home with the right moving van rental service you should be picking from. So if you’re a prospective relocation today, and if you have to share your location, I ask you- which company will be your best choice? We still offer a moving van service from our reliable customized van network. With a number of off-the-rack, or rental services available, a moving van rental will be the best in your growing circle!

With regards to online van rental, we still cater to both old and new van manufacturers, in selecting the best moving van for you. And while I would highly recommend researching your car for potential vans, it is never far from a huge bonus to hire a van we consider ours. Never move to an unknown city for the first time with something strangers and unfamiliar, and for the first time in a new neighborhood as well, it is advisable to hire a specialist moving truck. A moving truck also doubles up as a self-driving car, the best investment made by any car in the world!

Moving can be a scary task. We are here to help! Just get in touch today or get a quote now.

01 Oct 2021
5 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Movers In Dubai Is Better Than Doing It Yourself.

5 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Movers In Dubai Is Better Than Doing It Yourself.

From choosing the right professional movers to making the right changes, hiring a professional company is best. But as with everything in life, finding the right company for your flat can be rather difficult. But the truth is that hiring the right moving company in dubai is much cheaper, and can benefit you a lot. So, whether you’re new to Dubai if you are looking for moving services to your current apartment, or office, here are some tips that will help you find a professional house movers in Dubai.

5 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Movers In Dubai Is Better Than Doing It Yourself.

Get these Moving Bills And Fees In Early:

To find a professional in Dubai, you need to be aware of the inevitable costs and fees that the house movers will charge you. Getting the bills and fees in early will help you to find the best mover and avoid the trouble of paying a lot of money to someone you don’t know. So, when hiring a professional house movers in Dubai, make sure you get their contact details in advance.

Get The Right Move:

As you’ve no doubt noticed, there is a clear trend amongst all the house movers in Dubai to help you move and move in a smart manner. With the power of technology, moving yourself from your old apartment to your new is a simple and interesting affair. But to do this you’ll require some of the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals in Dubai.

Use A Forgiveness Method:

Forgiveness allows you to forget about all the problems of your old flat or house and begins your journey with positivity and health. So, to choose a professional company for your flat move you should look for a company that will be interested in making you move in a most healthy and a healthy manner. The fact is that you are going to spend quite a lot of money, let’s make sure you’re using the best company for the job.

Switch Up Your Interior:

Whether you are looking for an upgrade to your current flat or you are looking for a new one, you’ll need to change your interior. Before hiring a moving company in Dubai, you should look for someone who will be able to effectively look for the best place for your new flat. So you have to find someone who can talk to you about the best possible place for your new flat.

Find Some Help:

These days, there are many companies out there who can service you efficiently and effectively. But it’s worth mentioning that outsourcing means that you are dealing with the help of a specific company and don’t necessarily have to deal with any of the customers who won’t be perfect when it comes to their products and services. So do consider at least asking for someone to have a look at your area. Since we’re now living in a competitive market, most houses and apartments that are worth a lot of money in Dubai have interior designers, interior decorators, and repaints who look after your interior after you’ve decided to move into the property.

If you’re going to hire a professional movers in Dubai, then make sure you hire them ahead of time and to avoid costly mistakes.

27 Sep 2020

Services Of Residential Moving Companies In Dubai

Moving from one destination to another is quite a difficult task. Every person wants a smooth and safe move of their goods to the new destination however in the absence of professional moving help the experience can be traumatic and cumbersome. When a person needs to shift residence there are a number of personal belongings that need to be shifted safely and securely. A person does not have to worry about their safe transportation to the new destination any more as there are many residential moving companies that can ensure a very smooth and damage free delivery of the moving goods to the new destination. The moving cost depends on the nature and the type of the move and the residential moving companies offer a host of moving services at reasonable and affordable rates to the person.


Residential Moving Companies in Dubai pick up the goods from the point of origin and transport them to the new destination within the scheduled date. They use big transport vans and pack the goods themselves using modern and updated techniques. They handle fragile goods with expertise and they are specialists in transporting the moving goods without damage. In the case of household moving the moving company has specialists that are efficient enough to transport the furniture and the valuable items of the person from the point of origin to the destination point. Moving companies take off the tensions and stress of the person who needs to relocate from one place to another. they are very organized and they prepare an inventory of all the goods that need to be transported along with other moving formalities that actually helps the person sit back and relax.

We take up the responsibility of assembling. Packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and putting the items in the right place on arrival. They are very fast and organized and they meticulously arrange the goods quickly. The residential moving companies employ highly professional staff that can execute and co ordinate the relocation needs of the person without any kind of hassles. The home moving services of these companies also undertake the responsibility of transport valuables and pets to the new destination. They hire specialized staff that is well versed in the subject that is to be handled. The moving price for these services is higher as they have technically skilled professionals who guarantee the safe delivery of the subject.

In order to get the best deals for the residential moving companies in Dubai one should check the past track history of the company and fully understand their services. One should always opt for registered and licensed residential moving companies to avoid any kind of inconvenience. A good moving company will guarantee a safe and hassle free relocation of goods and at the same time they provide extra household moving services that may be required by the person as well as safe storage of the transported goods. For getting the best quotes on professional moving services and moving costs one can check the following link for details:

We are professional movers and packers in Dubai, We are working from more then 10 years in UAE. Our Team is highly trained and cooperative with customers. We always ensure the quality and standards. Our expertise provides comfort zone to customer. Moving is no more a big problem now with us. just call and enjoy our services. 0525264344

27 Sep 2020
movers & packers services in dubai

Looking for affordable local movers in Dubai?

Local movers In Dubai

Looking for affordable local movers in Dubai? Local moving can be just as stressful as interstate moving. Your moving experience will depend on the moving service you choose, so look for a professional local mover who will help you to make a stress-free move with your family.

You need to search for a local moving company in dubai with a proven track record, instead of making a choice only on the basis of the lowest bid you get.

Compare movers estimates from a few reputable local home movers, and take time to check their credentials and reputation. Verify the licensing and insurance details of the local apartment movers, and call up references to find out about their performance.

Watch out for lowball quotes. If you get a local moving estimate that is a lot lower than the rest, check it carefully to see if there are any hidden costs involved.

movers & packers services in dubai

How to find best packers and movers in Dubai?

Movers quotes for local moves may be based on hourly rates for a certain number of trucks and movers. The period for which you will be billed will begin when the movers arrive at your home, and it will end when they finish unloading and assembling your things in your new home.

Travel time of about one hour may be added to this, to cover the time spent traveling to your old home and from your new home.

If you are planning to do the packing yourself, buy high quality movers boxes and supplies and start packing non-essential items well before moving day. Packing is much easier if you do a few moving boxes every day.

If you feel that full service moving is too expensive, you can consider self service moving, which is a convenient and affordable option. The self service house movers will drop one or more containers at your home in which you can pack your things. The containers will be collected by the mover service and dropped at your hew home, when you are ready to receive them.

You can also load your things in a trailer that the moving company will drop at your home, and will only have to pay for the space you use in it.

If you are on a tight budget, you can opt to rent a moving truck or van and do it all yourself. This will help you to save money, but it will be very hard on your back. You can hire some moving help, to assist you with the heavy lifting and driving.

We can help you to get free, no-obligations local moving quotes from reputable service providers, with a few clicks. You will only receive quotes from pre-screened moving companies with excellent customer ratings.

 Do we charge any hidden costs?

No we do not charge any hidden costs from our customers apart from the moving cost involved in the quotation.

15 Jul 2020

Moving Services In Dubai Made Easy

You have your new home, you’ve got a moving date and you’ve all but mentally moved in. The process of moving can be tedious and stressful-not to mention hard on your back.

Here are some useful tips we found that will make your move easy.

Plan Ahead. If you have the advantage of knowing you will be making a move a few weeks or months in advance, you will make it much easier on yourself if you start packing as soon as possible. If it’s summer and you are moving in the fall, why not pack up all of your winter clothes and jackets so you already have them ready to go? You certainly won’t miss them during the summer months. Anything you won’t need for a while should get put in a box.

Organize, Organize, Organize. Sure, it’s not terribly difficult to load things into a box and call it a day. But how many people do you know who moved in months ago but still haven’t unpacked? If you organize your belongings beforehand and label everything properly, unpacking becomes much more intuitive. For example, place all of your bathroom items together and you will have an easier time unpacking when all of you bathroom supplies are in the same spot.

Labeling System. You don’t need to be an Excel addict to put together a labeling system for your move. It is helpful to number each box and then keep track on your computer what has gone into each box. This way you can be more detailed in your own records but the movers won’t know where grandma’s antique vase is.

Keep Important Items and Valuables With You. Birth Certificates and other important documents are just paper after all, and could easily get lost in the shuffle of a move. You should keep a box with valuables and necessities with you if at all possible to minimize the risk of loss.

Use Your Luggage.“You’d be surprised how many people don’t consider utilizing their luggage during a move. Since they are built for travel and probably have wheels, they are ideal for moving day as well as a weekend in Paris. Use your luggage for anything you may want right away, as you can keep them with you and are easier to identify than one of the dozens of boxes being transferred to your new home.

With our quick and resourceful list of tips, you’ll be more than prepared for your next move!

Book now for moving services in dubai

15 Jul 2020
moving services in dubai

Moving Safety

Moving can be an arduous and stressful process even without the threat of injury. Because many people who are moving simply want to make their move simple and fast, many overlook common safety concerns and issues.

Here are some things to consider while making you next move because, as they say, safety first!

moving services in dubai

Keep it stress-free

Stress can weaken your immune system, so make sure to take time to relax and distress, whether that’s going to a movie, eating a nice meal or just taking a break, Just remember that taking some time to relax will be worth it if it means you won’t be sick during your move.

Don’t over pack boxes

It can be tempting to pack boxes as full as you can because it means less back and forth from the moving truck to the home. For heavier objects like books and kitchen appliances, pack them in small boxes so they are easier to lift.

Use the right equipment

When moving boxes and furniture, make sure to use dollies and moving pads to ensure that no one injures themselves during the move. Also be sure to employ proper lifting techniques, using your legs to support your lifting instead of the strength in your back.

Hire a moving company

The easiest way to prevent injury is to hire someone else to do the heavy lifting for you. A moving company will have the experience and equipment to make your move safe, fast and injury-free.

13 Jul 2020
packers and movers services & company in dubai uae

Professional & Affordable Packers and Movers In Dubai, UAE

In today’s fast moving world everything is organised and professional so why to left behind while in case of shifting or relocation. People have to move due to many reasons it can be onsite jobs, area changes etc., Once you decide to relocate then there are many annoying and inevitable tasks with which you have to struggle while moving. Man With A Van Dubai Packers and Movers in Dubai, UAE helps you all set to significantly lessen these issues and change the mind-sets of customers as well as relocation industries by building faith, transparency and control all over the Process of Shifting.

packers and movers services & company in dubai uae

Our mission as a Packing and Moving Service

During the process of Relocation the most important factor that we have to focus is safety of the belongings. We know how important your belongings are to you and we will make sure to move them safely from one location to another. Therefore, to make sure you move securely we do work with the expert Manpower, Professional Drivers with quality wide-ranging shifting services at an affordable price.

One of the best things about man with a van packers and movers services in dubai is that we keep our promises and provide quick quote without disturbing you over phone again and again. We also provide complete information to customers about complete information regarding packing and moving like packing procedure, moving tips and advices, and payment criteria so that customers cannot be cheated by others and get a best relocating experience.

Quality check for Expert Moving Services

We have been providing shifting and relocation services for more than 10 years and from the day one our motive is customer satisfaction and commitment which is the main factor in any business. Customer’s review or feedback acts as a perfect guide for keeping a check on the quality of our Shifting services. It helps us in improving our flaws. For us quality control has become an important part of our business.

Each and every member of our team is an expert and dedicated regardless of their position in the company. We understand the significance of customers’ satisfaction and their expectations with us.


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