You have your new home, you’ve got a moving date and you’ve all but mentally moved in. The process of moving can be tedious and stressful-not to mention hard on your back.

Here are some useful tips we found that will make your move easy.

Plan Ahead. If you have the advantage of knowing you will be making a move a few weeks or months in advance, you will make it much easier on yourself if you start packing as soon as possible. If it’s summer and you are moving in the fall, why not pack up all of your winter clothes and jackets so you already have them ready to go? You certainly won’t miss them during the summer months. Anything you won’t need for a while should get put in a box.

Organize, Organize, Organize. Sure, it’s not terribly difficult to load things into a box and call it a day. But how many people do you know who moved in months ago but still haven’t unpacked? If you organize your belongings beforehand and label everything properly, unpacking becomes much more intuitive. For example, place all of your bathroom items together and you will have an easier time unpacking when all of you bathroom supplies are in the same spot.

Labeling System. You don’t need to be an Excel addict to put together a labeling system for your move. It is helpful to number each box and then keep track on your computer what has gone into each box. This way you can be more detailed in your own records but the movers won’t know where grandma’s antique vase is.

Keep Important Items and Valuables With You. Birth Certificates and other important documents are just paper after all, and could easily get lost in the shuffle of a move. You should keep a box with valuables and necessities with you if at all possible to minimize the risk of loss.

Use Your Luggage.“You’d be surprised how many people don’t consider utilizing their luggage during a move. Since they are built for travel and probably have wheels, they are ideal for moving day as well as a weekend in Paris. Use your luggage for anything you may want right away, as you can keep them with you and are easier to identify than one of the dozens of boxes being transferred to your new home.

With our quick and resourceful list of tips, you’ll be more than prepared for your next move!

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